Rumah Sakit

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Rumah Sakit is Gorry (drums), Shendy (bass), Dion (guitar), Mark (guitar) and Andrew (vocals). Band kids are called IKJ Hospital because of simple and easy to remember. Hospital first song published was entitled "The Coming" and their second song taken from their independent album titled "Lost." Both this song had topped the charts Geronimo "IndieLapan". Character of their music is strongly influenced by the color of British pop music like The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Blur, Chapter House, The Beatles and The Byrds. Around the end of January 1998 they launched their debut album produced by "The Independent Record" with the title of the album "Hospital".

Rumah Sakit
Genre: Indie / Pop / Rock
Location jakarta, ID
Record Label independen

1992- andri met gorry (1st drummer) at jakarta arts institute. they are a punk pals that loves the clash n sex pistol, ressurected by madchester - acidhouse invasion. 1994 - after change n play in different band they form rumahsakit, bring indonesia indie pop to the next level. 1997 - record the first album released a self title album : "rumahsakit" , contain heavenly cotton pop over 35.000 copy. 2000 - "nol derajat" the second album a more rocking yet more sorrow than ever. 2004 - yes the end for sure.history. ...... rumahsakit ...... nol derajat ...... .. .. .. .. ..
Members of Rumah Sakit
lead guitar : mark richardo nayoan keyboard/ guitar : micky nayoan bass : shendy adam drum : x. fadlie vocal : andri ashari
the stone roses, the charlatans, the cure
Sounds Like
flowing on the cotton clouds
Type of Label Indie

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