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Pure Saturday is talented band from Bandung city flower. Formally established in 1994.

Originally Pure Saturday (PS) is formed because only a fad. They were the band more guns if there are activities and wait for the results of all UMPTN. Gathering place and training is usually at home Suar, in the barn house. Former guitar factory warehouse transformed so the band practice and process of making songs.

From fad that they also try to make a song and it finds a match with one another. Well ... with prizes fad is ... then made a deal for the band seriously and start looking for music events, held in Bandung. But that time (in 1992) his name is still Tire Filling Pure Saturday instead. Finally the name "Filling Tires" was replaced, because guns are too market and clear meaning. Especially want to follow Unplugged Music Festival (Year 1994), must have a cool name dong.
Finally chosen the name "Pure Saturday" that blaze spontaneously. The name is taken because Saturday is a day of exercise, from morning till dawn. So the point that Saturday really is a working day for them. In addition, to fill the void when the kids PS who was still in the singles, then from the blank berhayal that are not passable-not the band. That's the motto of their lives
Pure Saturday that same year won unplugged music festival as Java and DKI with songs that they created themselves Enough. PS At this festival gets First Prize General category. Wow ... cool ... Since then the PS became more and more often make the song. Since the victory, Pure Saturday increasingly popular and is known mainly by the music Barudak Bandung. Almost every event that was held in Bandung, always inviting PS. Well ... the term no PS, no fairs and events. It seems that PS is a powerful offerings for  attract  the audience. Not just down the stage, but PS also often out of radio stations in Bandung.
PS fame makes Ambari (these names of people you know!) Interested in the PS made the album via the indie label. At that time the manager is his sister Yuki Pure Saturday that none other than the vocalist PAS. Well ... PAS has a manager that none other than the Ambari. Between managers PS and PAS was established a good relationship ... well ... a little nepotism gpp ... The deal was also made while looking for people who want memodali production costs. Finally there is also a good friend who wanted to finance.
Confidence began to grow and grow and blossom in the body PS and start making music compositions are finally strong enough for a debut album. Finally Pure Saturday tried to present the music blantika Indonesia. They are a lot of influence of British groups like The Cure, Ride, My Bloody Valentine, the Wonder Stuff and others.
PS this debut album independently cultivated and marketed in mail order through a teen magazine in Jakarta. At that time the PS to make 5,000 copies only. A few months after the album appeared, there is record producer who glanced at them and finally they made a contract with Ceepee Production. The songs on that first album is Silence, Empty, a song, Desire, Simple, Enough, Open Wide and Chocolate. Empty song later chosen to be made videoklipnya.
The album contains eight songs of this turns out great acclaim, as judged PS songs are still fresh, and do not follow current music trends. PS come up with another color, that is among the loud music which at that time was up, the PS instead of music presents a slow but gahar. Perhaps like the slogan event Resurrection ... "Awake against mainstream and proud of it". Well that's about. Arguably their album sells. When I was released alone sold 700 copies. While the distribution Ceepee Productions sold some 2000 copies. PS is very grateful for this gift, although many who considered their music is very different. "It means we've recognized and our desire to be distinct from the others come true," said Ade.

Musical activities make academic affairs (school) they are neglected. Finally, they tried to fix the first academic affairs. It can not even make them come together and make songs. In the limited time they try again to create compositions that finally finished, and then enter the recording studio and completed by early 1999. For their second album was contracted by PT. Aquarius Musikindo. This second album is entitled "Utopia". (source : pure saturday  )
Stepping on the indie route for them is one strategy, in addition to the wider public is known also for producers if they are not being played seeked a major label. "If we have issued an indie album, producers can not just tell us to change the color anymore music, because previously we've got their own fans," said Udhie.
Pure Saturday had a vacuum before finally Suar resigned in 2004. Suar position was replaced by the manager, Iyo. In March 2005, the PS again present with his third album entitled "Elora". The presence of PS this time with his new formation and with a new label, Fast Forward Records.

source : http://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pure_Saturday   http://www.myspace.com/puresaturday, https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Pure-Saturday/31197941195, http://puresaturday.net/about.html

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