Heavy Stereo

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Heavy Stereo were an English alternative rock band, who were active in the early to mid 1990s. There were known for having had a 1970s glam rock styled sound, and for their album, Deja Voodoo. They are also known for opening for Oasis, whom Heavy Stereo’s frontman Gem Archerlater joined.
Heavy Stereo was fronted by lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, songwriter and producer Gem Archer, later of Oasis.[1] They were heavily influenced by 1970s glam rock,[2] including Gary GlitterThe New York Dolls, and Sweet.[3] They released their debut albumDeja Voodoo, in 1996. The band split up after Archer joined Oasis as a rhythm guitarist and keyboardist, replacing Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs for their Standing on the Shoulder of Giants Tour,[4] and on all albums and tours afterwards until their breakup in 2009. Archer then began work on a new project with other members of Oasis. Jones is now playing in The Jim Jones Revue.

Band members

  • Deja Voodoo (September 1996)
  1. "Chinese Burn"
  2. "Cartoon Moon"
  3. "Deja Voodoo"
  4. "Tell Yer Ma"
  5. "Crown Of Thoughts"
  6. "Mouse In A Hole"
  7. "Bangers And Mash"
  8. "Deep Fried Heart"
  9. "Reaching For Heaven"
  10. "Keep Up"
  11. "Planet Empty"
  12. "Shooting Star"
  • B-Sides & Singles (January 2010)
  1. "Sleep Freak"
  2. "Smiler"
  3. "Cartoon Moon" (Acoustic)
  4. "Magic Sponge"
  5. "No Small Print"
  6. "Worm Brain"
  7. "Big Apple Pie"
  8. "Freedom Bug"
  9. "Pleasure Dip"
  10. "Wondefools"
  11. "The Gift" (Cover of The Jam song)

Chart singles

  • "Sleep Freak" (1995) - UK #46
  • "Smiler" (1995) - UK #46
  • "Chinese Burn" (1996) - UK #45
  • "Mouse in a Hole" (1996) - UK #53[5

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