Hello Monday (E.P)

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Good Morning Breakfast - Hello Monday (E.P)

1. hang on

2. jealous

3. selfish

4. lyrics

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netlabel releases by stoneagerecords (2010/04/09 stoneagerecords.co.cc )


In the late of 80's The Smiths went on hiatus. And there on, another step of britain invasion had just begun. From the Anger of Working Class kids of Manchester like Oasis to the queer-look alike act like Suede. And maybe for a person who grew up on 90's, this moment become an own cults for them.

As much could be said that Good Morning Breakfast got the talent for carrying it again at this age. From a tunes of Liam Galagher's vocal style to the jaggling guitar Suede look alike. And also something interesting here that they are quiet shoegazing at the track 'Hang On'. Or such tracks 'Jealous' and 'Selfish' that will take you into a healing and easy-jangling tunes. And what could be said again that these guys are really have a passion for bringing back the new generation of indie-pop to the scene.

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Good Morning Breakfast

Good Morning Breakfast - Jealous


"Good Morning Breakfast is indie-pop band Cirebon, formed in 2007, Inu (drums), Palpov (vocals & guitars), IMET (bassist), and Gugun (guitar). if no obstacle which will be released ep transverse Their first label sundaypoprecords in next April.

The band was heavily influenced by the britpop bands like The Cure, Suede, Blur etc, and sang about jealousy bindeng falsetto voice.

Life's too short ... friend! "And too good to pass up. many things - new things growing out there. open window of the room, enjoy the bright morning sun, a refreshing touch of coolness when in contact with the skin of our body, will never be replaced. like a warm cup of cocoa, which is always there in the morning menu. "palpov said. (Quoted from the writings left in Yuma palpov studio's where the practice of Good Morning Breakfast) (
2010/02/05 deathrockstar.info)

source : http://deathrockstar.info/ Indonesian Music Webzine

Demotapes (vol.1)

These are the first demotapes that we compiled from many musicians. We gratefuly say thanks to those who send us their demotapes, so everyone can listen and enjoy their songs.

Track List:

More info:

quoted from the source : http://indiefonica.com/reviews/music/79-demotapes-vol1.html

Good Morning Breakfast - My Lovely Emily (EP)

(2010/02 indieshow.biz)

Track List :

01. Jealous
02. Hang On
03. Selfish

quoted from the source : indieshow.biz 2010/02

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